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Happy Year of the Snake!
Here's a gift for you to enjoy and pass on!

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Rebecca Wave

Hi! Thanks for stopping by!
You can listen to my songs, read the lyrics and look at some photos and concert clips, find out where I'm performing or order some albums by credit card, check or money order.

Photo by Jody DeMarcos, 10/2002


If you haven't yet listened to my newest cd, "Animalangel", I encourage you to do so.

Please let us allow peace to flourish in thought, word and deed. If we don't pay attention now, we will be forced to later.

"What's so funny 'bout peace, love and understanding?"

--Elvis Costello

Ah, Spring again? How does it keep happening? Daffodils, narcissus, hyacinths, giant calla lilies, ceanothus, lavender, peach blossoms, plum blossoms--my God, it's a vegetative extravaganza around here (Santa Barbara, CA)! And I've been so cold this winter...how I love the warm Spring sunshine....Will I plant vegetables this year? Steve has cleared a nice plot on the the south side of the house, with puppy-proof fencing for little Stella, so now it's up to me.

I realize that many people may not be aware that I have sung at numerous weddings and memorial services, as well as in clubs, concerts, parties and festivals. If you're planning a ceremony, I will be happy to work with you to provide the music that will be most meaningful to all concerned.

I look forward to seeing many of you at the places where I'll be singing as this year flows into the next, paying little attention to our human calendars and clocks. You'll find the wheres and whens on the "Performances" page, along with details of my Adult Education classes (through Santa Barbara City College). I do enjoy sharing the emotions conjured up by music--it always makes me feel more at home in this world.

The Seven South Record Shop which Steve (Powell, my husband) and I started in 1997, continues to grow and provide a vital web presence for Santa Barbara's independent music. More than 136 artists are now represented on the site, many with multiple recordings (more than 205 as of 8/1/03) and we ship their cd's all over the world, which is always exciting!

If you'd like to be informed of new developments directly, just submit your address to the mailing list (navigation bar). Believe me, you will not be spammed--I can barely keep up with updating my website!


Don't worry, be happy and keep in touch!

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